But what is Musicians' Desk Reference?

It's a combination of a

  • Knowledge
  • Project
  • Servicing
    Tools &

aimed at
answering the
questions of

  • WHY
  • WHEN
  • HOW

to progress
in the
music industry.

Let's Take a Look

  • Types of Documentation

    • Templates
    • Timelines
    • Instructional Guides
    • Examples
    • Strategies

    Constructed by artists and industry professionals!

  • Areas of Focus

    • Starting Out
    • Recording
    • Promoting
    • Touring
    • Building a Team

    Ready to use, regardless if you're a new artist or a seasoned pro!

  • Service Material Assembly Tool

    • Booking
    • Networking
    • Press Campaigns
    • Radio Campaigns
    • Industry Professionals/Contacts

    Professional service documents can increase campaign results and exposure!

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