My name is Brian Penick. I am the founder of The Counter Rhythm Group, an artist development, marketing and event promotion company, and the author of Musicians' Desk Reference, a music industry progression eBook. But most importantly, I am a musician.

I have spent half my life - 15 years - going non-stop as a musician, living in vans, trailers, buses, airplanes, performing everywhere from the crustiest basements to arenas, even in the back of moving trucks and on an old-timey riverboat. I have been fortunate enough to loop the country countless times, tour overseas, play almost every major festival in the past decade and share the stage with my idols. This by no means is a way of bragging, but to let you know that I have been out there, possibly alongside many of you.

At some point in my life, I decided I needed a change of direction. Not a "re-evaluate my decision to drop out of college and start a family," but more so how I could give back to the industry to which I have clearly dedicated my life. That is why I decided to start The Counter Rhythm Group, a new breed of servicing agency that catered to smaller and younger artists traditionally focused on by the music industry.

Every city has those artists that are insanely talented and seem to be ready for a bigger and brighter future, but sadly do not progress due to a lack of funding, knowledge and guidance on the business side of things, despite the accessibility we have with the internet (or "digital age" as many of us call it). That is unacceptable to me. Realizing that, I put my goals on paper and decided to take The Counter Rhythm Group a step further. This was the beginning of Musicians' Desk Reference.

There are many things that you may read that define what Musicians' Desk Reference is, and while you may need to see it to fully comprehend what it offers, just know that it was built with you (and me), the artist, in mind. Every contributor - even our attorney - is also a musician, a conscious effort to maximize the impact of the project. At the end of the day, I really hope to level the playing field in the music industry with Musicians' Desk Reference, educating artists and helping them to build a strong foundation to work from. I want this project to give every individual that chance.

I also want it to encourage collaboration. We, as artists, have a similar goal for success, however we define it. Let us take pride in our actions and help our fellow peers. Let us step away from the competitive mentality and work together instead of against each other. Let us form a music community and celebrate the opportunities that are available to us. This is our industry, and this is our time.


Brian Penick
Owner, The Counter Rhythm Group
Author, Musicians' Desk Reference